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Coming Up for Air in Siem Reap

But just barely and only for a minute as I just wrote a post and then the computer froze and since I didn’t save it, I’ve gotta start all over again – and I’ve gotta get up at 4:30 for … Continue reading

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Full-Fledged Funk

I’m warning you – I’ve got a rant coming and I’m just gonna let it rip, so if it’s peaches and cream you’re looking for, you won’t find them here, so you might want to skip this one! Yep, it’s … Continue reading

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Photos Galore!

Here’s a link to where I’ve posted all my photos thus far: Send me an email for the user name and password and I’ll get you right in there to see them! I’ve also created a “Group Room” on … Continue reading

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Musings from the Mekong

This is gonna be a mish-mash post, because my ‘List of Things to Write About’ is not getting a bit shorter; and at this rate, I’ll never catch up! I want capture as best I can, the essence of these … Continue reading

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I thank you, Goddess, for this most amazing day!

Sitting almost Mekong-Riverside at my latest home and I’ve taken a big step up in my accommodations. I decided it was time and I’ve chosen a perfect place to do it in – Villa Kang Khong Guest House on Don … Continue reading

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The Elephants Won!

And I must say, I love that I can rattle on about what I’m not gonna do … and then change my mind and do it! I’m dog-tired, so this is gonna be a quickie before I head to my … Continue reading

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Guess What? I Have A Lot to Say!

Now, to get to some of those topics on the list! Because, you see, I guess I was mistaken in that conversation I had with Hutt some months ago – kiddingly, I said something like, “I have nothing to say” … Continue reading

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Low Gear In Lao

So many experiences, so many impressions – I sat the other night and made a 2-page list of all the things I want to write about! Ahhhh, the pleasures of list-making continue for me – I do love me some … Continue reading

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What a gorgeous day!

On the Bolaven Plateau! The weather has been picture perfect – a tad cool in the mornings and evenings (low 70’s) into the high 80’s/low 90’s in the days with low humidity and not a cloud to be seen! It … Continue reading

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Aaahhhh, Pakse …

Well, I thought it was a long trip to Bangkok, but Pakse has given BKK a run for the spot! And no matter, I would have taken double the time to be here – so delighted as I am to … Continue reading

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