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Low Gear In Lao

So many experiences, so many impressions – I sat the other night and made a 2-page list of all the things I want to write about! Ahhhh, the pleasures of list-making continue for me – I do love me some … Continue reading

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What a gorgeous day!

On the Bolaven Plateau! The weather has been picture perfect – a tad cool in the mornings and evenings (low 70’s) into the high 80’s/low 90’s in the days with low humidity and not a cloud to be seen! It … Continue reading

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Aaahhhh, Pakse …

Well, I thought it was a long trip to Bangkok, but Pakse has given BKK a run for the spot! And no matter, I would have taken double the time to be here – so delighted as I am to … Continue reading

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Ciao for now, Bangkok

Soon, I’ll be leaving Bangkok. Being here a 2nd full day reminds me why I spend such little time in big cities when I travel – because they’re just that, big – and noisy and smelly and crowded and anonymous. … Continue reading

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She’s Gone …

… and little did either of us anticipate the teary goodbye that carried her away to the airport. And now, my last contact with home, in the flesh, is gone and off on her journey towards Mother India. Strange sensation … Continue reading

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We Have Arrived . . .

After 18+ hours of planes, we have arrived so very easily in Bangkok. I say ‘we’ because Bear and I had the most serendipitous good fortune to be arriving into Bangkok on the same night. As we left each other … Continue reading

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