Photos Galore!

Here’s a link to where I’ve posted all my photos thus far:

Send me an email for the user name and password and I’ll get you right in there to see them!

I’ve also created a “Group Room” on Snapfish, so you can access it that way, too. I’ll send you an email so you can join that way if you prefer.


(I’ll be leaving Lao on Saturday for Siem Reap in Cambodia – something like a 15-hour bus ride there – I’m in such low gear, I either need to leave this country or just lay in a hammock for the rest of my life – it’s time to go, so go I shall! More news from the road when I get settled there!)

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3 Responses to Photos Galore!

  1. Richard Powers says:

    Good luck on the next phase, Christina! I have found the blog and am duly enchanted!

    All my love,
    Richard “-)

  2. James Mack says:

    Thanks for all the beautiful photos…now I feel even more like I’m on your journey with you..which, of course, I am! Lots of love!

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