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Morning Market – Luang Prabang

Here are some shots of the Morning Market which was just steps outside my guest house door:

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Assorted Images I Like

I realize I’ve been so busy writing lately that I’ve been remiss in posting photos. Here’s a few shots:

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Mission(s) Accomplished & Saying Good-bye to Lao

There’s a slightly detectable swing in my step. It’s Day 3 of my stay in Vientiane and I’m feeling so much better than the last few days. I haven’t discovered the cure for cancer. I haven’t rid the world of … Continue reading

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It’s a 6-Shower Day

And no, I’m not exaggerating. I’ve had 6 showers today – all on the coldest possible setting, which wasn’t cold enough. And since it’s not quite bedtime yet, there may be another one before the night’s over. I don’t quite … Continue reading

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Leaving Lovely Luang Prabang

I’m taking my leave of this sweet city today and it’s taken some doing to pull me from its clutches. It’s been the 2nd longest stop of my trip after Siem Reap and I couldn’t have picked a finer place … Continue reading

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Don’t Assume I’m Straight

I know it’s time to write when I’m in lying in bed, in between that sleep and wakeful state; and words, sentences and paragraphs begin to form and fly through my mind. Sometimes I just let them be, trusting they … Continue reading

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Luke & James

It’s late afternoon already and I’ve spent the better part of this day writing about ex-husbands and shame. It’s exhausting. And I’m hungry. I haven’t eaten yet today. If only someone would come by with some yummy, delivered food, it … Continue reading

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Life is What Happens …

I’m still here in Luang Prabang and the r&r is serving me well. It’s absolutely and perfectly what I need; and I’m grateful that I have the sense to give it to myself. I’ve felt lazy, lethargic and even a … Continue reading

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Winding Down …

I am currently in Luang Prabang, the UNESCO World Heritage Site city in northern Laos and it is so blisteringly hot that there is simply nothing to be done outside between the hours of say 10 am and about 5 … Continue reading

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A Border Crossing Day Like No Other

Arriving in Vietnam wasn’t easy – why should leaving be any different? After more than 24 hours of being in Lao, the recovery process of crossing the border from Vietnam continues. Right now, I am happily and cozily well on … Continue reading

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