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From The Muggy Mekong to Chilly DaLat

This is gonna be a quickie … I”ve got a BIG morning tomorrow and got to lay the body down really soon! But before I head out, just a short post to say that I’ve arrived in Dalat, a most … Continue reading

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Vietnamese Impressions

There are tons of photos that can go with this entry, but it’s late and I can’t do it right now – too bad for you,  sorry!) 🙂 It’s amazing to me that all it takes is to cross an … Continue reading

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  Testimony (for my daughters) I want to tell you that the world is still beautiful. I tell you that despite children raped on city streets, shot down in school rooms, despite the slow poisons seeping from old and hidden … Continue reading

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A Day of Travel, Vietnamese Style

(written yesterday) It was clear after my moto ride around the northern part of Phu Quoc yesterday that today I would take my leave. I wanted to reserve my judgment until I had at least seen some more of the … Continue reading

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Good Morning Vietnam

Note to self: travel days are stressful – brace yourself for them. Not necessarily in bad ways, but there’s almost always some inherent unforeseen challenge involved in getting from one place to another in this developing world. (‘3rd world’, ‘developing … Continue reading

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Random Ramblings from the Cambodian Road

Well, this is fun – sitting on my lanai at Botanica, listening to Michael Buble` (right now, “Fever”) and settling in to write for a few hours before I’ll bicycle over to a nearby resort that has a fancy swimming … Continue reading

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Before the Beginning

Thanks to dear Felicia, for sending this along from her friend, Rilke (I found a few other translations online, so I’ve combined them all into one; oh yeah and the italics are mine): God speaks to each of us as … Continue reading

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