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A Border Crossing Day Like No Other

Arriving in Vietnam wasn’t easy – why should leaving be any different? After more than 24 hours of being in Lao, the recovery process of crossing the border from Vietnam continues. Right now, I am happily and cozily well on … Continue reading

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“I Used to Date, Now I Birdwatch … “

For one of my last afternoons on Cat Ba Island, I planned to spend the day at the local fancy hotel, soaking up the sun and enjoying relaxation time at their pool and spa. But the weather had other plans … Continue reading

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So Long, Soggy Sa Pa

Tonight’s my last night in Sa Pa and it’s clearly time to go. It’s the only thing that’s clear, actually – it’s been totally and completely fogged in for the entire day today – drizzling, pouring, lightening, thundering  – and … Continue reading

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Sa Pa in the Clouds

‎Packing up for Paradise, I shall take me along no shoulds or mustnts or oughtas. I won’t expect a tomorrow vastly niftier than today. I intend just to bodhi-sit around and bask in my universal mind. ~ James Broughton Ahhhhh, … Continue reading

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Saying Good-bye to Ban Lac, Mai Chau as the Village Readies for Reunification Day Celebrations

It’s been six glorious days of rest, relaxation and riting here in Ban Lac village (yes, I know that’s spelled wrong, I’m going for the written as well as the auditory alliteration!). For most of the time I’ve been here, … Continue reading

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Crash Landing

The countryside surrounding Ninh Binh just might end up being one of the places I’ve enjoyed the most here in Vietnam. Everything about it was just what I love – gorgeous nature, peace and quiet, few other tourists, moving water, … Continue reading

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Boating with the Buddhists

“Believe me, my young friend,” said the rat, “ there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. In or out of ’em, it doesn’t matter. Nothing seems really to matter, … Continue reading

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Writing from the Authentic Voice

As it happens with Keelty, she sent me yet another perfect piece of writing the other day from May Sarton, who is a brilliant writer and the inspiration for this post, the topic of which has been on my mind … Continue reading

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Remember that Vacation I was Talking about?

Well, it looks like I’ve got it! At least I’ve found a place that seems like the perfect one for doing next to nothing. Oh, there’s plenty to do, I’m sure, although I don’t know what it is since all … Continue reading

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“So, You Like Brown?” or Yet Another Clothing Crisis

I don’t know how to dress. I’ve lost my sense of style. It’s a calamity. I am in desperate need of help from my fashion-savvy friends! I thought things had gotten better. I had gotten rid of much of what … Continue reading

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