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The Magic of Villa de Leyva

It was time to leave Isla Providencia. Mind you, this was no easy task. The tropics always do this to me: take me in their grasp, comfort me with their languid pace and remind me that moving  slowly is its … Continue reading

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Full Moon Over the Caribbean

It’s a Bella Luna kinda night here on Isla Providencia.  A gentle, warm sea breeze, enough to rustle the fronds of the palm trees, but nowhere near enough to break the spell of the deliciousness of this tropical heat on … Continue reading

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Scenes from the Isla

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” … you ONLY have to let the small animal of your body love what it loves … “

(with gratitude to Mary Oliver) ONLY … that.  Here’s what it is for me these days: Floating in the warm, turquoise waters of the Caribbean The sensual tingle of silky tropical breezes on my skin Walking in a sarong in the … Continue reading

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A Taste of Cartagena Street Art


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It Was a No-Good, Terrible, Fucked-Up Day, But Then It Got Better

It figures that I would accidentally post this before it was even anywhere near finished. Because it’s been that kinda day. But now I’m starting this post over. I forgot about these kinda days in the 3rd world. Then I … Continue reading

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No Words … Just This!

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The Blog Comes Back to Life (and my traveling self does, too!)

It’s almost 88 degrees and as humid as it could possibly be at 4’oclock in the afternoon in the middle of a late January afternoon … quite the change from back home in Petaluma where it’s been raining, raining, raining … Continue reading

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Welcome (Back) to Nicaragua

As we drove into Granada from the Managua airport yesterday, it was as if I never left this extraordinary country just over six months ago. It’s very rare for me to return to a place … I’ve done it internationally … Continue reading

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Welcome Back to My Blog!

It’s like I almost forgot I had a blog. It’s like my life has almost been so full of living back here in the Bay Area that I’ve almost been too busy to focus here. But it’s not really true. … Continue reading

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