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Welcome (Back) to Nicaragua

As we drove into Granada from the Managua airport yesterday, it was as if I never left this extraordinary country just over six months ago. It’s very rare for me to return to a place … I’ve done it internationally … Continue reading

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Last Stop … Roatan. Well, Not So fast …

I landed on Roatan just three days ago, sailing from Utila which was a fine journey, complete with one of those trampoline net things in the bow of the boat where I lounged for hours and fell into the most … Continue reading

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The May – December Phenomenon

The May – December Phenomenon NSFW (which is Internet-speak for way beyond PG and maybe even R if sexually explicit isn’t your thing) All teasing aside (please), I am most curious about this phenomenon that’s shown up in my life. … Continue reading

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The Art of the Siesta

I’ve been here in Central America long enough now, I think, to have learned a few things about local culture that cross the borders of all three countries I’ve visited – Panama, Nicaragua and now, Honduras. Oh, there’s plenty of … Continue reading

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Ciao Nicaragua!

Ciao Nicaragua! It’s my last night in Nicaragua. I’ve spent these last two days at a beautiful little oasis of a hotel, Hostal Mariposa on the outskirts of Léon, Nicaragua’s first capital city and the birthplace of the Sandinista movement. … Continue reading

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Dear Backpack:

Dear Backpack: I arrive at the Hotel Aranjuez with the cab driver who, in his limited English, promises he will help me and come in and explain my situation to the hotel worker. Not that I needed his help. Gregory, … Continue reading

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I LOVE Nicaragua!

I’ve been in Nicaragua now for just over a week and already, I absolutely lovelovelove it here! So much less expensive than Panama, feels extremely safe (outside of Managua) and beautiful nature and cities. A big YES for Nicaragua! I … Continue reading

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Living La Vida Boca!

A quickie: Okay, okay, so I’ve heard some concerns about my apparent disappearance. I have not disappeared! I have merely (Ha!) been swept up, up and away with the beauty and energy that is Bocas del Toros, my last stop … Continue reading

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Panamanian Impressions

It’s two weeks here in Panama. Already. Not sure I can say I’ve got my ‘traveling stride’ since more than anything, I’m feeling laid up with this sprained ankle. But as Keelty said so well, “let the ankle set your … Continue reading

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Semana Santa in La Villa de Los Santos, Panama

This is the very first time in my life, of my own volition, that I spent four days – in a row – in a Catholic Church! Never before, not likely again and I’ve got the photos to show for … Continue reading

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