The Nicaragua / Honduras Border Crossing

Today I crossed the border from Nicaragua to Honduras, the final border crossing of the trip (besides the one back to the U.S., of course).

A 14-hour travel day!

A border crossing day, potentially fraught with all of what border crossing days can be fraught with.

And nothing happened.

Bienvenidos a Honduras!

The End.

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3 Responses to The Nicaragua / Honduras Border Crossing

  1. flea says:

    glad you are safe and sound…
    btw, I especially liked the posting “out of the blue”. painfully touching

  2. Richard Powers says:

    YAHOO! Your last post had me worried and glancing at the headlines now and then to see if a beautiful American writer had been involved in an international crisis! Thankfully, you are past yet one more border! ENJOY!! How’s the ankle??

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