Living La Vida Boca!

A quickie:

Okay, okay, so I’ve heard some concerns about my apparent disappearance. I have not disappeared! I have merely (Ha!) been swept up, up and away with the beauty and energy that is Bocas del Toros, my last stop in Panama. And I’ve been staying at a place with no Internet connection, which has been quite lovely, I must say. Camping – sort of – in safari tents, with real beds that are even comfy; and oceanfront on one of the most gorgeous beaches I’ve ever seen and just so busy with lounging and reading and walking and swimming. You get the picture!

I’ll post again soon, I imagine, but I will be on the road for two full days of travel beginning on Monday – first to San Jose, Costa Rica and then to Rio San Juan in Nicaragua for some days where I will also not have Internet connection.

Unplugged and lovin’ it!

What I will be doing, though (when I can get Internet access to receive the prompts, anyway) is taking part in a Online Writing Group that the brilliant Joshua Townsend has set up – Karma Free Writing Group. It has begun today for the New Moon and will go for two weeks until the Full Moon. He gives us prompts, we write for 11 minutes and then we post what we’ve written and give feedback to posts from others. The only feedback is: what moved us and what we would like to hear more about – a la` Ann Randolph-style. Joshua is a Muse in a big way and I’m excited to take part in this process. I will post on the site he’s set up and I will also post here, just for fun!

So stay tuned, more travel and other reflections comin’ right up. That is, when I can drag myself away from the gorgeosity of the ocean and the comfy chaise lounge that’s got my name on it!

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8 Responses to Living La Vida Boca!

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! No wonder you are in heaven! Enjoy Christina! Karma free writing group sounds great!

  2. James says:

    Wow! “Singing With Courage” in Panama…nice ring to it!

  3. Richard Powers says:

    Wonderful to hear, Gorgeous Woman–life on the road–one day a sprained ankle; the next paradise! Continued good energy and health–writing group sounds terrific! Use your descriptive metaphors! Love, Richard

  4. Jennifer Shannon says:

    Christina, what a gorgeous spot! XO

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