Off to Archipelago de San Blas!

So much for getting my travelin’ legs on – today I was completely wiped out again. Whether it is the energy depletion from how I felt when I was back in Hawaii, the residuals of the terrible cold I got while in California which is still more with me than I’d like, or the sweltering heat and humidity that I’m simply not used to – I don’t know – but I was hardly able to do much exploring at all today. So, wise ol’ one that I am, I listened to my body and took it easy – I read and napped, took short walks and sat on a park bench for a good part of the afternoon AND I planned my onward travel beginning tomorrow. This energy drain reminds me particularly of being in Luang Prabang where I couldn’t possibly venture out in the middle of the day – so I’m hoping it’s something similar and not this other health stuff that concerned me in Hawaii (unfortunately I still have some dizzyness – nothing at all as severe as when I was in Puna, so still, I’m hoping it’s just the heat).

Maybe I’m getting soft, what with using taxis and all and now I’ve even decided to fore go making my way to a very remote part of Panama that is way expensive, but more importantly, which I simply don’t have the energy for at the moment. It sounds spectacular and remote and gorgeous wild beauty. And hard – yes, there’s no infrastructure, there’s no amenities, there’s almost no nothing. And while that normally has my name blaring all over it, right now, it feels like it just requires more than I’ve got to give. It feels a little like how I felt when I wanted to go to Myanmar – a place that requires a lot of energy and patience and finding my way where there is no easy way to go. And traveling alone makes that kind of travel that much more difficult. And I find myself feeling similarly now. So I worry – am I getting soft? I mean, I don’t think I have to worry about heading to Club Med anytime soon (except maybe to sneak in and take a dip in one of their pools!). But I don’t want to do hard right now and I don’t want to be ridiculously uncomfortable. And it’s hardly like San Blas is luxurious – I spoke to a woman on the phone today and she said some places only have hammocks to sleep in. Now I’ve slept in hammocks and I’ll tell you, it sounds much more romantic and lovely than it is. I adamantly told her, NO, I cannot sleep in a hammock. I need a real bed. And there it is again – am I getting soft? Oh, who knows, who cares? Maybe I am, but damn it, I’m out here and I’m doing just fine and it seems with my advanced years, there are just some things that have changed that can no longer be compromised. I don’t think I really have to worry about going too soft, as long as I don’t get in the habit of these taxis too much now!

This is a quickie because I am going to San Blas tomorrow and the 4-wheel-drive shuttle arrives at 5:30 in the morning to take me on the 3-hour drive to the boat that will deliver me to a teeny tiny island in the Caribbean – YES! It’s back to the beach for me and in warm, turquoise water that I can’t wait to slip my body into. And it’s the home of the Kuna Yala people – the indigenous people of Panama who I am eager to see and experience.

So I say goodnight to Panama City – I am probably one of the only tourists to come to this city and don’t bother with a visit to the Canal. But hey, those kind of tourist attractions are rarely my interest and if I started putting them on my itinerary, I might really have to worry about that going-soft business!

I’m enthralled enough with all the skyscrapers around here – one would have a hard time believing I’m a New York city girl what with my fascination with all these buildings!

Back when I’ve got something else to say, and I can’t imagine that will be too long!

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2 Responses to Off to Archipelago de San Blas!

  1. Donna Ingenito says:

    It’s perfectly OK to find your pace and move to it…like not having to have the smallest backpack, you don’t have to have the most strenuous or least comfortable environment in order to not consider yourself going ‘soft’. I’m guessing once you’re feeling 100% again you’ll be back going full steam ahead.
    Love the juxtaposition of that uber-modern building right next to a McDonald’s!
    Travel safely

    • Christina says:

      Well, I’ll tell you, Dee, I’m wishing I had that smaller backpack right now. Not sure why this one is feeling so heavy and bulky, but it is — what the hell have I got in there? Not sure, but I may do a review again soon and try to get rid of some of the weight. For some reason, it seems so much heavier than last trip. I’m feeling almost 100% now, although still have a lingering cough, which is yucky. Yeah, isn’t that photo great – I love it, too!

      Hope all is well — howz my girl???


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