There’s Been a Change of Plans!

I think I mentioned that just a few days into my arrival in Sonoma County, I thought, “gee, I want more time here” and then just moved on in my day, determined to make the best of the time I had there. And I did. But the feeling persisted.

And then I went to Spirit Rock for an amazing day of retreat. The timing of it and just the fact that I happened to think to check their website and see if anything was happening was serendipity enough. But then when I was there, I looked at the bulletin board and noticed a posting someone put up about house sitting in Tiburon. What a great opportunity, I thought, but let it go when I saw the dates and knew I’d already be back in Hawaii. I went back into the retreat and then during another break, back out to the bulletin board, gazing once again at that notice. Before I knew it (really, before I knew what I was doing!), I was jotting down the information and then laughing at myself that I was jotting down the information. “What am I doing? Who knows, but I’m even going to call this woman and check out the details.”

So call her I did … and the short part of the story is that I realized in the midst of our back and forth emails and phone messages that even if it didn’t work out to stay in Tiburon, I was going to extend my time in California because … well because I can do whatever I want to do and with the truth of that really sinking in to me, I made the decision to stay!

Then everything, literally everything fell into place.

Fran, the woman in Tiburon, is my new best friend and yes, I will be house sitting for her for three weeks in September.

Then, really one of my best and oldest friends needed a house sitter for the week after I’ve finished here at Esalen. So I’ll go there to Flea’s and actually cat sit for Ethel, the cat she cat sat for me something like 12 years ago that I never went back to pick up! And then I’ll get to spend another week at her place when she returns!

My landlord in Hawaii is fine with it. I have someone to stay in my cabin and with my kitty. I changed my flight with no fee and no fuss. Everything is in easy and perfect flow to support me in staying here for another five weeks after my stay here at Esalen is complete. So I’m doing it! And very excited as I realize that truly, I can do whatever I want … and so I am!

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