The Whirlwind of Winding Down

WOW – it’s  been non-stop, full tilt boogie since arriving in Bangkok – I’ve given myself over to the flow; and here in the big city, the flow is constant, it never sleeps and I’ve seen very little of my pillow, my book or this computer screen. I’ve walked and walked until my feet practically gave out; I’ve shopped (and bought just a bit) at every market that had anything for sale; I’ve been massaged until my body almost said enough; and now it’s time to say good-bye.

My bags are packed …

My shoes are fixed …

My body is massaged …

My belly is full …

My teeth are cleaned …

It looks like I’m ready to get on a big airplane and head on outta here!

Now, suddenly, as I look at my bags – my backpack filled to a capacity it’s never seen in these months – now it hits me that I’m really leaving. Tears are right there as I write these words … not from a place of , “oh, I don’t want to go,” because that ain’t necessarily so;  it’s more the wistful recognition of an ending of this chapter that will be no more in a few hours.

I have added on some adventure time for my 16+ hour layover in Tokyo, (with thanks to my friend Petra who lives there), but there still seems to be something about this place and this time marking the end of this journey. And so it is – circuitous as my route may be, ready or not, I’m coming home.

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6 Responses to The Whirlwind of Winding Down

  1. James says:

    As one chapter ends, another begins!

  2. makingspace1 says:

    What a journey! Thanks for sharing all of it with us. Have a wonderful time in Tokyo!

    • Christina says:

      Thanks for coming along for the ride – it’s been great sharing it with you and it ain’t over yet – I’m sure the Bay Area has plenty of adventure in store for me! Stay tuned!

  3. Donna Ingenito says:

    ready – oh so ready to see you! And of course, another leg of the journey awaits you here in California…48 hours and counting!

    It’s been wonderful living this vicariously with you…looking forward to hugging you real time

  4. Christina says:

    Awaiting my Tokyo – SFO flight right now – just a few hours before flight time and this 16+ hour layover has worn me out. Ambien here I come – pray for a wide-open row for me, just like I had from Bangkok to here!!


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