This Woman is Unbelievable

I really don’t know how Keelty does it, but she is the most skilled at finding the absolutely perfect quote, poem, essay, whatever, for the exact process, mood that’s happening in the moment – I swear, she should start a business doing this! Get a load of this one she sent me after my post on my sexual interlude that wasn’t. She’s unbelievable and so is this woman, Renee Bozarth – more coming from both of them, no doubt!

Hold out.

Take only the worthy guest.

You are the guardian,

you the sacred host,

your body the temple.

Keep your sanctuary safe.

Receive no one without

deep mutual welcome.


Take in only angels –

those sent by God

bearing messages

of recognition –

I see you entire,

complete, wholly –

all suffering,

all goodness,

all power,

all mirth.

Bright radiance inside,

and the silence, the darkness.


Such ones as can speak these words

will inspire you to conceive

and help you to give birth

to the divine child.


In your union God sees

and becomes one with

Godself in each lover.


Between the legs of your dance

is the Gate of Heaven. It waits

for the true lover to enter

and create the union

of Heaven and Earth.

This communion of sex

is no sweet foretaste

but already participation,

enactment of Heaven,

the best there is from God.


You were born for this.

Do not say yes to less

than two loving fullnesses

overflowing into pure bliss…


-Alla Renee Bozarth

(Among the first women ordained into the Episcopal clergy in the 1970’s)


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