I am Smitten

No, not with a person (although hope continues to spring eternal!). At least not with a person who’s here with me.

Her name is Claire Fraser. Or Claire Randall, depending on which century she’s in at the time, either the 18th or the 20th.


Yep, in a way I can’t remember being captivated in a very long time, I am now totally taken with a series of books by Diana Gabaldon (great tip, Donna, thanks!). The first one is Outlander which I stayed up two nights ‘til well past 3 am reading. No matter the hour, I simply couldn’t put it down! You know the kind of book that you just don’t want to see finish because you’re so entranced? That was Outlander for me. I began to read more slowly as my Kindle told me I was in the 80+ percentile of it – but then I scrolled ahead and saw that there are six books in the series! With a sigh of relief, I rushed to the Internet connection and took the time only to buy and download the next two books in the series! (Well, actually they’re on Donna’s account, but I’m good for them, my sister!) And now I am well into Dragonfly in Amber and just as deeply spellbound!

Perfect at-the-beach books; and although I’m in the most wonderful place I can imagine, I am transported back to another time and place – they’re set primarily in 18th century Scotland and Paris (so far, who knows what’s coming!) – about which I know hardly a bit, having taken little interest in it during European history studies. Most of my knowledge comes from my Women’s Studies university classes when we read about how women and witches were so brutally slaughtered, but that’s about the limit of my knowledge of that time. Some of the Scottish place names are familiar from a trip I took there decades ago; but in these stories, we’re talking centuries ago complete with lords and ladies, lads and lasses, kings and courtiers, swashbuckling sword duels – I’m tickled as much by my surprise of enjoying them as I am in doing so! But this woman knows how to weave a most compelling and complex tail! It’s a fun, time-travel fantasy, complete with a well-formed and flowing plot, depth-ful and dimensional character development, incredibly hot sex scenes, richly and exquisitely detailed scenes of daily life, laugh-out-loud dialogue and humor and overall great writing! What’s not to like?!

They’re great books to read on the Kindle, too, what with the unfamiliar old English words that pop up in every sentence and with the built-in, one-click dictionary that’s about one of the best features of the Kindle. So I’m learning lots of new words, although I don’t expect most of them to turn up in my own writing or conversation since they’re not even part of our contemporary lexicon anymore.

No matter, it’s the simple joy of reading and being carried away that is so pleasing.

Gotta run – can’t linger much longer here – got to get back to see what Claire and her hot Scottish husband have got themselves into now!

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