A Beach Visualization

Come along for this sweet ride, it will be fun!

If you feel like it, have a pen and paper handy. Or something to draw with. Get comfortable, whatever that means for you. Take a few deep breaths. And then a few more. Gently close your eyes and slowly, with no force or pressure, imagine your perfect, quintessential beach scene. Maybe it’s from a place you’ve been or from a place of your fantasies. No matter whether it’s real or a dream, call that place up in your imagination.

Engage all your senses.

What does it look like?

What sounds can you hear?

What smells surround you?

What do your taste buds do when you picture yourself there?

How does it feel to be there – physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually?

Be as specific in detail or as general as you like – whatever comes, let it flow and fill you up with that picture-postcard perfect scene. You can imagine what is there as well as what isn’t.

Take your time and paint the picture. There’s no hurry.

Once you’ve taken however long you’ve felt like taking, jot down a few of your impressions. Or if you like, take some pens and draw the picture. That, too, do with no force or pressure, just let the words or images come.

Again, take all the time you need. No worries. I’ll wait.

Okay, so how was that? What came to you? Care to share your imaginings with the rest of the circle?! <giggle>

Okay, I’ll start:

Soft, white sand, the texture of talcum powder, cool to the touch of the feet, no matter the heat of the    surrounding air temperature.

A circular, bay shape to the land as it curves around the length of the beach, which is about 4 kilometers in length.

An almost constant warm and gentle sea breeze, wafting through your bungalow, through the open air restaurant, anywhere you are – carrying the smell of the sea and keeping any insects at bay as it sensually caresses your soft  skin.

Tall, wispy palm trees almost right at the water’s edge, leaning toward the sea and providing shade all along the shore.

A smattering of other kinds of trees, too – ironwood, banyan-type and broad leafed, fat-trunked, big-shade making trees – the mixture of all of them reminding you of the wonder of nature’s diversity, even here, here at the sea.

A wooden swing, dangling over the sea, yet safely secured from the palm tress high above where you can swing with the innocent delight of a child; like skipping. When is the last time you swung? Or skipped?

A deliciously warm sea, which, when your body enters, rather than contract even from the slightest chill, instead softens and relaxes every muscle and cell of your body as the invitation of the warm water gently surrounds you and holds you afloat in its soft, silky, salty, but not overpoweringly so, body-temperature, yet still refreshing waters.

At daybreak and at dusk, hearing the mating and pleasure calls of the birds high up in the palm trees and watching as they take flight over the sea.

Small, green islands dotting the horizon and inviting your exploration.

The ever-present, sometimes soft and sometimes more ferocious, sounds of the waves, sometimes kissing and other times crashing against the sand – all night long, singing you to sleep; and all day long, reminding you of the constancy of nature in her dependable cycles of life.

The sand, soft where the sea meets it and yet hard and flat enough just a little ways back to walk comfortably for long strolls whenever you are inspired to move your body in ways other than swimming.

Massage – high quality, affordable and ready when you are.

Buildings along the beach, but none of them easily decipherable from the overgrowth of the trees, none of them taller than the palm trees and all of them tastefully and simply built from natural materials into the soft contours of the land.

Just steps away from where you sleep, a restaurant serving up the tastiest, freshest veggies and fresh fruit and shakes and even cocktails for when you’re feeling frisky.

Just behind the beach in the distance – tall, majestic, lush, verdantly tree-covered, round mountains surrounding the circular bay.

Sun and then clouds and then some more sun, providing the perfect blend of warmth and relief, with the clouds painting archetypal images in the sky that you’re sure depict exactly what you see in them … and then, before you know it,  they’re gone.

The sun setting directly over the distant horizon as it dips into the ocean, sometimes hidden behind clouds, other times a bright orange orb, disappearing into the night as the clouds are illuminated into cotton-candy wisps of purplish-pinkish puffs and then dusk takes over and the moon shines over the lapping waves while the stars begin to twinkle and carry you away into the vast realms of the galaxy.

Enough people around so that you can have some social contact if you want it, but none nearly enough to interrupt the peaceful and quiet lusciousness of your solitude.

Soft, fresh air that, with every breeze, invites you to relax that much more deeply into a kind of comfort in your own skin and body and in a place that you had almost forgotten was possible.

Seashells of every shape and size dotting the sand, many of them still filled with the creatures who call them home.

No blaring music, no Full Moon parties, no tourists obnoxiously drunk or in-your-face. Just a smattering of people peacefully indulging in the hedonistic pleasures of life at the beach.

Five tiny, adorably fluffy puppies flittering about, none too annoyingly needy nor overly excited in their puppy-ness; but all of them ridiculously cute enough in their playing together to make you want to take them home or at the very least play with them while you’re here.

No lined-up beach umbrellas or chaise lounges one after another anywhere in sight all along the long stretch of beach.

No street noise. No vehicles. Only the sounds of the sea.

No garbage strewn about anywhere to be seen.

Well, if your list looks anything remotely like this one – guess what? It’s a real place! Even though I’ve slightly embellished just a few of these items, I’m not far off in describing just what life is like here on Khlong Prao Beach on Koh Chang Island in the Gulf of Thailand. Welcome! You’re here!

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