“Take Lots of Pictures,” She Says

My sister, that is. The one who bought me this camera and the last one I had (great sister, eh?! – for more reasons than that, to be sure!).

And because I saw the timing of when she sent her email, I know that it was at right about that precise moment that I tripped walking up a sandy stair at the end of the beach, with my camera in hand, lens open and that was it for the camera.

Yep – my camera is kaput.

There have been a few mishaps on the trip, none disastrous (although the computer came as close as could be called a disaster, which was quickly rectified). After the computer, it was my shoe being eaten (and then, too, even more quickly repaired!). Then one of my shoes from another pair broke and I got that fixed right away. Then the other one of that pair broke, still waiting for repair (it’s only the toe strap, so it hardly qualifies as disastrous by any measurable means). Then my tooth needed attention and it got it, without delay; and I’m happy to report – all’s well in my mouth again.

For an almost five-month adventure in the 3rd world, I’d say that’s a pretty good run. A damn good run.

If I had to have a tooth-ache, Thailand was certainly the best country in which it could happen.

And if my camera had to break, best that it do so when my touring is done and all the photos that ‘need’ to be taken are took.

So it seems I’m in total relaxation/disconnect mode now – Internet connection a mile away which I rarely check; and now, no more photos to shoot. I’m making the best of it and even enjoying the technological break.

But still. I’m sad about my camera being history.

Of course I’ll check with a local camera shop on the island to see if they can do anything (major sand inside the lens is not a good thing for a camera, I’m thinking); that is, if I can ever find my way to leave the beach!

Fortunately I had taken several shots of the beach and my little bungalow the day before it went to sand heaven. And with no other places to visit on my itinerary, save for Bangkok and the airport, the timing couldn’t be better. Except that it sucks happening at any time!

Interesting – I was thinking some weeks ago about how much I’m loving photography and playing with different effects; and I had a fantasy of buying a fancier camera when I got back home (forgetting momentarily about that minor, lack-of-an-income detail!). But then I let it go; thinking this camera is a fine one and then the moment passed. Well, it’s back again; so now we shall see whether it can be repaired or whether it is indeed time for a new photo device.

I do have a camera on my I-phone, of course. But (close your eyes, you Apple maniacs) I’m not so crazy about the camera on the I-phone, with its lack of special features and all. But it’ll do in a pinch. I’m not saying anything bad about my I-phone, Universe, I promise, I’m not!

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