Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming …

… it’s really true about the 3rd world – they figure out how to repair everything – including my computer!

I was skeptical, I must admit, but here I am, typing away on it now, new screen installed and all! Now I’m in shock that I have it back!

All the research I did on the internet told me, “forget it, can’t fix or replace net book monitors – just buy a new one.” Isn’t that the most common refrain we hear in the Western world – it’s just cheaper to replace it – and toss away the old one without thinking about the piles and piles of computers in the computer graveyards around the world!

Before I start pontificating too much, I’m just here for a short time to say that I’m back in business and thrilled that it’s so!

Here’s what it took to make this happen: I got an idea from the hotel reception about the part of town with computer stores – I went walking in that direction with computer in hand, feeling terribly discouraged as I trodded.

As I walked along, I felt overwhelmed and sad and hot and cranky and I started crying. It’s just too much to have to figure this out on my own in a foreign place where English is rarely spoken and I just felt too tired to deal with it all. Wahhhhh-Wahhhhh-Wahhhhh! But I walked on, dried my tears and talked to (ha!) about 5 computer shops. Truth is, none of them spoke English – it’s amazing to communicate such matters with no common language! The first 4 said no way to fix, although one of them said I could take it in to a nearby big city for repair. Only one store had a net book to buy which was considerably cheaper than I found on the motorbike trip – about $350. That may sound like small potatoes, but it’s big money to me out here, with no income in sight and no interest in generating one!

I started gearing myself up to get to DaNang and find the computer repair shop there – it felt daunting to even imagine doing such a thing – the big Vietnamese cities are mazes of motorbikes and noise and a frenzied pace that I avoid like the plague – but with no better option in sight, I thought I would move in that direction.

Then I came upon #5 shop – he said he could fix it and would deliver it to my hotel in 2 days – all for $75. After almost 3 hours of this process, I walked away, computer-less, looking quite forlorn, I guess, because he kept saying, “don’t worry, don’t worry!” (that part he did say in English – for some reason, he knew those words!). I surrendered and left.

Okay, okay, so I went, as I knew I must, to the beach. And it did what it always does for me – gave me the balm of peace and relaxation I craved. While the water was wayyyyy too cold for swimming (maybe 60 degrees, probably less), it was warm and sunny and I napped and wandered and read and found a place of calm within myself.

Pretty gorgeous, eh?!

Now, back to the computer story: Just yesterday afternoon (Friday), the hotel owner told me that the computer man came by and wanted to talk to me. The computer was repaired, she said, but he wanted to tell me something about it. My heart sank. What could he possibly want to tell me if it was fixed? She called him and he came back in 10 short minutes. Fortunately, she stayed nearby and translated for us.

Seems he brought the computer to DaNang himself where he got a new screen and installed it. But the reason he wanted to talk to me was because he was very worried about the price – it ended up being $8 more than he quoted me and he was very worried that I would be upset about this and think he was trying to take advantage of me. He was visibly disturbed about what my response might be. I told her to let him know that if everything was working properly, not to worry, the $8 was no problem (what an understatement!). I tried to emphasize this as strongly as I could – remember, No worry, no worry!

He wanted to check the computer one more time before delivering it and would be back at 9 am tomorrow, he said, very relieved that I was not upset. He had no idea!

Sure enough, he and a colleague showed up a little before 9 am this morning (just an hour ago) with computer and cracked screen in hand. I turned on the computer, almost afraid to look at the screen. But there it was, a perfectly full, visible and working screen! WOW! I could hardly believe my eyes! And as I type here right this minute, still, I am amazed that it’s a story with such a fine ending.

There’s much to catch up on, scads really, but not now and not today. I am off to see some nearby ruins at My Son, and then finish up the last of my soaking up the energy of Hoi An, as I plan to leave tomorrow, headed to Hue.

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2 Responses to Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming …

  1. Donna Ingenito says:

    It was so surprising when we skyped last night to see your video come up – I just assumed you’d still be on your iPhone! Sooo glad all of this worked out for you. Talk again soon! xoxoxo Dee

  2. flea says:

    Will be in touch to plan a skype date

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