6 Days on the Road …

… and now, having happily and safely arrived in Hoi An, I am at a spectacular hotel (Hoang Trinh Hotel, just a few walking minutes outside of old town) which I cleverly booked ahead of our arrival here. Exhausted and calling it a very early evening. And sadly, typing on the hotel’s computer.

I’ve just been on the back of a motorbike for 7 exhilarating days of experiencing Vietnam wayyyyy off the tourist trail and being totally taken care of by my driver … only to arrive in one of the most heavily touristed towns in the country – it feels a bit like culture shock within the greater culture shock.

No one has asked me to buy anything in a week and now everyone on the street is hawking something. The segue is more than discombobulating.

Perhaps a day at the local beach will be the perfect salve for this weary body and still-bruised spirit from my computer disaster.

“Go to the beach, go to the beach!” Hhmmm, that sounds familiar!

The motorbike trip was beyond what I could have ever hoped for and Khuong was an amazing guide through the center of this country – I am so appreciative of his heart, his humor and his humility. And he’s one damn good motorbike driver – that’s quite a statement on these roads and in this traffic!

There’s so much to say about Vietnam, but not now and not in the middle of the hotel lobby.

Still adjusting to the shock of the computer loss – I’ll go visit some computer stores in the morning and see what I can find out. My original plan was to stay here for awhile and catch up on writing, but perhaps the Universe has other plans in store for me! Or perhaps there will be good news for me at the computer store … more shall be revealed …

Thanks, my dear friends – for your loving concern and generous offers to help me figure this out – just knowing you’re out there is the best thing of all!

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3 Responses to 6 Days on the Road …

  1. Arthur Cornell says:

    I’m here too!

  2. That must have been one helluva trip! Hows your ass doing? 🙂
    Glad that you made the off beatin trek as you normally do. Bet you have some really great stories about that! Can’t wait to catch up on my reading. My painting has kept me from keeping up, which is a good thing! Take care of yourself out there dear one!

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