Tsunami in Japan

I came back from the beach early today so I could hang out in this comfy, cozy hammock and catch up on my writings … I am wayyyy behind. Feeling relaxed and easy and was so looking forward to putting some words on the screen.

Then the news hit about the Japan earthquake and tsunami with the impending tsunami likely to hit Hawaii in about 4 hours – and now I’m glued to the BBC online – YIKES! This is huge. The live news footage is hard to even fathom …

Sending prayers of light to the people of Japan and prayers of hope to Hawaii and all other places now on alert.

Adding something here from Clarissa Pinkola Estes, the woman who wrote Women Who Run with the Wolves – I very much appreciate her wisdom and perspective.

“… Most important is to raise and hold conscious calm, not contribute to the swale. That’s my two cent’s worth. Alarm is real, in terms of loss of human and animal life, loss of food-land and beauty land. But, hold highest consciousness too, that we are on a planet that has since forever bucked and sighed and stuttered and broken apart, heaved and come back together again, tilted sideways, opened waterways, raised mountains, pushed moraines.

We are not the masters of our mortal home, the Earth. The other way around.

It is not blame. It just is, for we are in thousands of years, still learning to know, accept, love and learn to ride this planet, sheltering as we can, healing whatever may be injured, ever honoring the dead as Earth goes through her massive breathing changes.

Be not afraid. In many ways that have meaning, we are together. Youve heard me say this many times, and I’ll continue to say it heart to heart: We may all be living in different parts of the world, but we all walk along together: Tribe of the Sacred Heart, Many of us, Scar Clan…”


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2 Responses to Tsunami in Japan

  1. Jennifer Shannon says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with all those people in Janpan and HA also. I am glad to know you are safe where you are.
    Love and Light,

  2. Donna Ingenito says:

    My heart, prayers and compassion go out to the Japanese people in this tragic time. Selfishly I must admit my main focus when I awoke this morning and realized what was going on was thinking about that darling little hut you’re staying in and wondering whether you were at all connected to the world and knew what was happening. I felt much better after hearing your voice and *knowing* you were safe.

    It never ceases to amaze me how you are able to pull together just the right poem, prose or writing to give clarity to whatever situation is at hand. This is a particularly poignant one.

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