We Have Arrived . . .

After 18+ hours of planes, we have arrived so very easily in Bangkok. I say ‘we’ because Bear and I had the most serendipitous good fortune to be arriving into Bangkok on the same night. As we left each other in Honolulu for our respective separate flights (mine through Tokyo, hers through Seoul), we were hopeful our plan to meet at the Bangkok airport would work out – and easily enough, there she was waiting for me – amazing!

Off to our hotel – the sweet, simple and most important, quiet, San Sem Sam Place on an alley far from the maddening crowds. Arrived late in the night and slept easily and fitfully, although I did wake up at one point wondering where the hell I was – all I knew was it definitely wasn’t Kapoho!

Today we’ve cruised the river, hopping frequently on and off a river boat, visited temples, the awe-striking reclining Buddha and the crazy, crowded streets of Bangkok. Tonight is Chinese New Year’s Eve, so I just may wander back down to Chinatown and see how they ring in the Year of the Rabbit here!

Bear is readying for her journey to India this evening as I’m thinking of an overnight train to Laos tomorrow night – I am SO excited to be here!! SO pleased with how easy and relaxed and absolutely no hassle the process of getting here has been! So grateful for it all!

Had an amazing conversation with a young Chinese man on the flight from Honolulu to Tokyo – no, not that kind of conversation! He’s a PhD student in Astro-physics at Princeton on his way home for the Chinese New Year – our chat covered everything from Chinese attitudes towards women, gays, family life, cultural values, life’s dreams and aspirations, American & Chinese political and social issues … he kept saying, “you’re exceptional, you’ve just got to write a book, I’ve got to tell my mother about you!” Okay, okay, Mr. Robin Fong, but only because you say so! 🙂

Some photos to come – but for now, I think a nap is a good idea!

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5 Responses to We Have Arrived . . .

  1. Jane Lea says:

    You absolutely should write a book!

  2. makingspace1 says:

    I have a feeling you ARE writing that book…

  3. James Mack says:

    So glad you’ve made it to your first stop safe and sound… sounds amazing! Keep writing, dear!

  4. Donna Ingenito says:

    Well my dear, we both know you’ve already *written* the book, or at least a good part of it! With self-publishing, and the fact that you can’t use Mom as your excuse any more, you’ve run out of reasons NOT to do so! Lots to think about as you embark on this adventure and journey of self-discovery.
    I’m *so* glad you’re doing this blog. It let’s me know you’re safe (try as I might, I can’t help but worry just a tad) and also takes us along for your adventure. It’s a vicarious thrill for now, but I’m still hopeful I can hook up with you for some portion of the trip.
    Lots of love!

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