She’s Gone …

… and little did either of us anticipate the teary goodbye that carried her away to the airport. And now, my last contact with home, in the flesh, is gone and off on her journey towards Mother India. Strange sensation to see her off, waving at the door of our sweet hotel with a sense of familiarity like it was my home, and then silently, strangely, walking back in to my room that suddenly felt just that much emptier and noticing for the first time now, how here I am, in Bangkok, Thailand … on my own. A bit of tender wistfulness arises, not quite sadness, but tender for sure and I let myself just feel it, no need to do anything with it except be. I’m here to find my way, to create my way … and to trust that I will be guided and held in safety and love.

Blessings on your way, dear Bear, may the path be wide open with richness all along the way!

Bear at Wat Pho

And now for a few funny signs along the way:

Headed out now for the evening to get some yummy food and see what I can see!

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8 Responses to She’s Gone …

  1. Jennifer Shannon says:

    I love your blog. It is so wonderful to get to share this with you.
    Many blessings,

  2. Jim Geary says:

    Well love, is it all so rich and wonderful to share with you. I read all of your past posts this morning but it is your words that most touched my heart. Such an inner and outer adventure. Thank you for creating your blog. As you know I have recently created mine and an finding it a wonderful way to allow my heart to express itself in words. Holding you in celebration, tenderness and excitation. I love you green eyes.

  3. makingspace1 says:

    Blessings to you both on your journey – and hooray, you’re there! You’re there! Woohoo!

  4. James Mack says:

    You’re NEVER alone, Christina!

  5. Jon Arterton says:

    It all sounds so exciting. When you return you must lead a workshop called “Traveling with Courage” – no… “LIVING with Courage”!!!
    Please keep those posts coming….

  6. Jason Hallman says:

    Christina – What a pleasure and honor to meet u and get to spend some time with you before you left on your journey. Thank you for sharing – being vulnerable and authentic – you are a source of inspiration – we all share.

    Trust and/in Love – Jason

  7. Flea says:

    Hey Singing Cee,
    this is so crazy.. this blog thing. How weird that I can just go online and find out what you are up to… and I can see that Jim Geary posted a comment (Hi, Jim!). This is all so public. I am thinking of all kinds of scandalous things I could post here, but, then again, you will probably cover all of that yourself.
    love and kisses

    • Christina says:

      I know, I know, isn’t it wild?! Now, now, you – slander will get you nowhere! And besides, I want to come up with some new juicy details that you don’t even know yet! 🙂 Love hearing from you, my dear Dancing Flea – so much love to you, My Cool Girl!

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