Ciao for now, Bangkok

Soon, I’ll be leaving Bangkok. Being here a 2nd full day reminds me why I spend such little time in big cities when I travel – because they’re just that, big – and noisy and smelly and crowded and anonymous. And somehow being alone here feels lonely in ways I just don’t feel when I’m in small villages and can make contact with the local people.

So I’ll treat Bangkok as I treat similar megalopolises – and get out of here today! Yep, booked my overnight train to Ubon Ratchathani, leaving at 8:30 tonight and arriving tomorrow morning at 7:30 and from there, about a 3-hour bus ride to my destination in Southern Laos, Pakse. I’ve got a sleeper, so I might even get a little rest on the journey!

Pakse is quite off the tourist track, as is most of Southern Laos, hence my interest in hanging out there for awhile. I’m looking forward to a quiet little village, exploring the countryside and familiarizing myself with the Laotian people and their customs – a new world awaits and I am ready!

I found an amazing lunch place today as I was strolling – huge salad with everything organic, fresh and ohso yummy – a departure from the food sold everywhere on the street which I’ve also been enjoying – pad thai for $1 can’t be beat!

I’ve become even more pleased with my little guest house – so quiet, the staff so helpful – a true oasis in this big, crazy city. I’ve just returned here today after a full day of walking everywhere until my feet just gave out and now I’m waiting for a massage before I board my overnight train.

Yes, a 2-hour massage – get used to reading about massages because I have a feeling there’s plenty of them in my future At $12 for 2 hours,  there just may not be much else to hold my interest! Well, that’s probably not true, but I can become a massage slut with no effort at all!

I cut my hair again this morning – yikes – I really don’t think I can be trusted another minute with this hair-cutting tool! It’s just so easy to deal with it when it’s so short – and hey, what the hell, new look, new life – nobody knows me here! I know, I know, you want to see what it looks like – well, one of these days, I’ll make that happen!

The blog is growing on me – I love reading comments that people are posting and just knowing that it’s being read by the anam caras in my life (important word from the Celtics – check it out!) holds me while I’m out here in a very dear way to me – thanks, dear ones, for coming along with me for this ride – I can feel you out here and I love that!

I have no idea about internet where I’m headed, so this may be it for a bit – I’ll be back and so will you and isn’t that fun!

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7 Responses to Ciao for now, Bangkok

  1. Jeff Allen says:

    Wow! $1 pad thai, 2 hour massage, and a 3 hour bus ride! What an adventure. Well I looked up Pakse, interesting looking place. Beautiful country side. I am sure you will have some real adventures there.

    This travel blog photo’s source is TravelPod page: The Pleasures of rural southern Laos

    I also noticed on the travel blogs, that you are certainly right, in town, they sometimes have power for a half hour or so, then it’s interupted. So yea, you may not be writing for a bit. You will be too busy enjoying the culture, people and landscape to even notice!

    Sounds like a great adventure that you have started already. Meeting up with Bear, meeting the young man on the plane, and the hosts at your cottage in Bankok. Chris, I hope this adventure turns out to be exactly what you want it to be. Enjoy your time my dear. You deserve it. You have looked forward to this for a long time, and I wish you well in all of your creations! I will be following your trek and reading your blogs as you go. So it is an adventure for me as well. Of course I don’t get the sore feet! Be well my darling, and I look forward to many more readings! Ciao, Jeff

  2. makingspace1 says:

    This all sounds FANTASTIC!!!! Can’t wait to hear more when you’re able to post. Happy travels and happy massages!

  3. Jane Lea says:

    Having read this, I am pretty sure the original massage slut (Jennifer) might be winging her way to Bangkok as I write!!

    • Christina says:

      Tell her to forget Thailand and come to Laos – they’re only $4 an hour here! Ohwait, Jen is reading, too — hey, Jen – come right away – it’s unbelievable!

      Lots of love!

  4. James Mack says:

    Two hour massages…heaven! Sending you lots of light and good traveling energy on your next journey, dear. Lots and lots of love!

  5. Flea says:

    Let’s see the haircut. I, personally, am boasting the Pema Chodron look, thanks to my new hairstylist. Yikes.

    • Christina says:

      Ohyeah, Pema Chodron – well, it is sorta like her, or on the way to like her. Another cut is coming, I can feel it! I am a dangerous woman with a razor blade in my hands!

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