Tick … Tock …

(with thanks to David for this title!)

In 12 hours or so, I’ll be boarding the first leg of my trip – Hilo to Honolulu for a 50-minute flight. That sounds pretty easy-peasy and fun to travel there with Bear!

Then it’s onto Tokyo in 9 1/2 hours — oohhh, I’ll be looking for that ambien and an open row; and finally 7 hours and 10 minutes to Bangkok – yikes! Getting into Bangkok late at night and meeting Bear to traipse off to our Bangkok hotel! Perhaps by the morning light of day, I’ll be more that only bleary-eyed and able to recognize that the lists are done and I’ve arrived!

It’s a very early morning tomorrow, so I headed to bed soon with Makana & Pono – perhaps there’ll be some other names to add to this list in the coming days/weeks/months – I’m open and available, that’s for sure!

And so, so grateful – aware in the quietude of this evening how very fortunate I am to have this ability – to travel so freely and unencumbered – to seek out adventure and vision and divine inspiration (amongst so many other things!) – to recognize that the moment is now to live my ideal life!

Ohyeah – and I’ve got my E-ticket in hand and breathing ever so relieved!

The hair is way darker than I expected, but I guess that goes with it being way shorter than expected! It’ll lighten and it will grow!

But I’m most pleased with the choice of toe nail polish!

My Elegante` Toes!

And the bags are fully packed and ready to go:

This is all I need for 5 months in SouthEast Asia! Thanks again, Donna, for helping me eliminate all that unnecessary, extra stuff! And the Kindle, ohmigod, the Kindle is gonna be great!

I am ready, so ready, for my amazement to be amazed!

Off to bed with this pilgrim – the journey is an early one!




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5 Responses to Tick … Tock …

  1. makingspace1 says:

    Hooray! Bon voyage!!!

  2. Jane Lea says:

    We all wanted a picture of the hair!!

  3. James Mack says:

    I’m with Jane…but LOVE the toenails. By now, you’re probably closing in on Bangkok.
    Lots of love, dear!

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