Skype …

… okay, so I’m behind the times a bit. But just this morning I had my first Skype call with my dear friend Mary Keelty … it wasn’t perfect in that I could see her, but she couldn’t see me (I think I’ve figured that part out – will test it later tonight) – I couldn’t stop giggling — so delighted that this technology actually works. Yeah, I know, it’s old news, but it’s new news to me and that’s part of the excitement of seeing/experiencing something for the first time, that wonder of it all, the magic and mystery of it. That’s the spirit that I hold in intention to carry with me on my journey. Actually, I already feel it activated in me lately in this time of preparation – I am looking at things differently; I am paying closer and more intentional attention; I am moving more slowly and more calmly; I feel simultaneously deeply grounded and exhilaratingly excited. I am absolutely loving my sweet little cabin so very much and at the same time ready to let go of it. Hmmm, but the kitties, they are a different story … ohyes, I am holding them close and they seem (slight projection on my part?!) to be staying closer and cuddling ever more sweetly lately – but saying goodbye to them is gonna be  a heart-breaker. Here’s Sweet Makana, I’ll post a picture of her brother Pono soon!


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