More Inspiration …

… from The Art of Pilgrimage …

“…To set out on a pilgrimage is to throw down a challenge to everyday life. Nothing matters now but this adventure…”

“…pilgrimage is always an inward journey – openness, attentiveness and responsiveness are the essence of pilgrimage …”

“…draw the resilience you will need from those who have preceded you, for pilgrims are a hardy breed…”

I love reclaiming this word, pilgrim. I truly do feel like that … opening, paying attention, being available for whatever experiences offer themselves up to me … and recognizing that the sacred is available if only I look upon whatever I see with the gaze of sacred attention.

Traditional farewell for those leaving on a pilgrimage in the Egyptian world:  Be Safe and Well. Peace, Love & Courage.

What is sacred is what is worthy of our reverence, what evokes awe and wonder in the human heart and what when contemplated transforms us utterly.

Ohyes – here’s to being transformed utterly! Bring it on!

“… In each of dwells a wanderer, a gypsy, a pilgrim. The purpose here is to call forth that spirit. What matters most on your journey is how deeply you see, how attentively you hear, how richly the encounters are felt in your heart and soul…”

Can I hear an Amen??!! Or an A-yeah!

Okay here’s one more and then I’ve got to get back to reading it! And I promise, I’ll post some of my own words here sometime soon, too! I’m just so enraptured by his words and love that he has expressed so profoundly what I feel right now so intensely.

“…When we no longer know where to turn, our real journey has just begun. At that crossroads moment, a voice calls to our pilgrim soul. The time has come to set out for the sacred ground – the mountain, the temple, the aancestral home – that will stir our heart and restore our sense of wonder. It is down the path to the deeply real where time stops and we are seized by the mysteries. This is the journey we cannot not take.

On that long and winding road, it is easy to lose the way. Listen. The old hermit along the side of the road whispers, Stranger, pass by that which you do not love…”

Oh, I simply love this! Indeed, indeed – this journey is one that I simply cannot not take. So take it I will – and in taking it, it will take me, of that, amidst all the mystery, I am sure!

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