In Countdown Mode

It’s been quite a long while since I returned to this blog that I just started. Not sure I wanted to even do a blog and then the holidays hit and it feels like they just ended this past week-end! What a whirlwind of parties, activities, mainland guests and of course, planning for my upcoming journey.

And as I do so, in the process of letting go of this life here on the Big Island, opening up to the possibilities and potentials of what awaits me ‘out there,’ I am drawn to put some words to the paper. So return I have done to this blog space, choosing to let go of the resistance to the technical aspect that could stymie the words from flying onto the page. So, YIPPEEEE, here I am and while I can’t quite figure out some of these technical details, the words do seem to be showing up on the screen and maybe someone out there (besides me!) will even read them, so here goes!!

Excitement is building, building, building. Antici….pation mounts. I am leaving in 7 days for 7 months. I am petting this dear kitty Makana at my side purring right now, one of the hardest parts about leaving – she and her brother Pono are so very dear to me and leaving them behind tears at my heart. But I trust that Kristin will love and care for them and that all will be well.

I’m reading a fabulous book that I read 11 years ago, the last time I ventured out into the world on a solo journey — the circumstances so much different then than now (more on that another time perhaps!) — the book still fits perfectly, though, and is a source of great inspiration to me:

The Art of Pilgrimage: Making Travel Sacred by Phil Cousineau. Every page is filled with words of reflection, encouragement and aliveness that remind me why it is I am at this threshold once again and for the very first time.

It’s because the world is filled with magical, mysterious people and places … and I’m one of them (people, that is!) and there’s nothing quite as exhilarating for me as stepping into a total unknown world and finding myself in it.

Eyes-wide-open wonder, showing up and being available for all that is possible.

I will share some words from this wonderful book throughout this blogging thing (assuming it continues, which it has a very fine chance of doing!) as they touch me deeply.

Here’s a few that Phil says were inspired by a 5th century conversation between Zi Zhange & Confuscius — pretty good company, I think!

Practice the arts of attention and listening. Practice renewing yourself every day. Practice meandering towards the center of every place. Practice the ritual of reading sacred texts. Practice gratitude and praise-singing.

Well, that covers it, I think, as I reflect upon the kinds of intentions I hold inside of me as I look around my sweet cabin, out to the Pacific Ocean and throughout my life here … knowing that shortly everything will be different and I am ready … relaxed, focus, calm … and ready … to open with delight at what’s next!

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